About Michael

Michael Warren‘Mike’ to his friends and family, Michael Warren began writing about his life during the South African winter of 2009. Driven by a strong desire to tell his story; what began as a creative outlet would eventually become his first book, In The Name Of God.

“In many ways,” Michael says, “that time defined who I am today. My time in the army taught me to be resilient, persistent and to believe in my own abilities. It also taught me empathy.”

Michael hopes his tale will strike a chord with men and women, young and old, everywhere, but especially amongst the ex-servicemen whose own stories of that time remain untold and the women who are now their partners.

The writing bug has bitten, and Michael has written two two more books, both near-reality novels: Go Ahead – Rock The Boat and Rebel Heart. A far cry from his memoir, these two books are aimed at teens/young adults who represent Generation Z (GenZ), as they wrestle and attempt to come to terms with an often hostile and unforgiving world. These books offer them hope and guidance. Michael is soon to publish War on Innocence, another GenZ themed near-reality novel.

Michael is an indie author, still awaiting that Big Publishing Offer. He lives with his wife, two children and three Jack Russells.

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