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Hands, Please!

SLEIGHTSOCCER is a brand new sport, taking the most popular game in the world – Soccer, or Football, as others may know it, and adding the ‘Sleight’ of hand.   See more here →

About My Books

In the name of God - Defending Apartheid

My First Book – Memoirs – In The Name Of God

“It was the mid-80s and South Africa was burning. Township streets were violent with protest and a full-blown Cold War proxy war raged on the border.
None of these issues occupied my mind at the time. I was too busy growing up.”

The reluctant disciple of an unholy cause, Mike Warren wrestles with life and love against the backdrop of a pivotal period in South Africa’s dark history.
A frank and outspoken coming-of-age memoir, In The Name Of God is the author’s exploration of the role he played in defending apartheid.   See more here →

Draft Rock the boat cover

My First Novel – Young Adult – Go Ahead, Rock The Boat

I wrote this 6-chapter 120-page book aimed at young adults aged 16 to 18 years of age.

For the moment it remains unpublished. But do not despair. I will persist in getting a Publisher soon, or I will relent sooner than later and self-publish.   See more here →


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