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About My Books

In the name of God - Defending Apartheid


My First Book – Memoirs – In The Name Of God

In The Name Of God

The reluctant disciple of an unholy cause, Mike Warren wrestles with life and love against the backdrop of a pivotal period in South Africa’s dark history.

A frank and outspoken coming-of-age memoir, In The Name Of God is the author’s exploration of the role he played in defending apartheid.   See more here →

*This book does not sanction apartheid – read it and see for yourself!

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My First Novel – Young Adult – Go Ahead, Rock The Boat

GO Ahead Rock the Boat

I wrote this 6-chapter book aimed at young adults aged 16 to 25 years of age.  
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My Second Novel – Young Adult – Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart

I wrote this 7-chapter book aimed at young adults aged 13 to 18 years of age.  
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My Third Novel – Teen / Young Adult Near-Reality Fiction – War On Innocence

"War on Innocence" front cover

Generation Z members (those born between 1994 and 2010) have the potential to change the world for the better and the criminals know it!

Nigerian crime mastermind Stephen Yobo and his notorious 9-Gang members have got the police working overtime with Generation Z people being the victims in the gang’s plans.

The gang’s request is simple: release our four colleagues from a Swiss jail or the lives of those who voted to keep them behind bars, in the form of the Presidents of the United States, South Africa, France and Japan, are in danger.

The chase is on! From Washington D.C., to Johannesburg, Paris, Osaka, plus Western Caracas and Lagos. Stephen Yobo’s wicked smile tells it all … “Catch me if you can!”

It’s up to the good guys in the form of American Detective Andrew Johnson, South African Police Lieutenant-Superintendent Themba Yawa and French Police Colonel Pierre du Roubaix, plus Generation Z’s very own Japanese tough kid Haruto Hoshino, to save the day.

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My Fourth Novel – Teen / Young Adult Fiction – Planet Z

Planet Z front cover

PLANET Z highlights the fact that Generation Z is quite unlike any other generation before them.

Generation Z are more in tune with their own feelings, the feelings of others and even the planet as a whole. One could even go as for as calling them the most empathetic generation. The rules of living have changed drastically in the last few years and with the advancement of technology it’s gotten harder and harder to keep up. At the same time, universal principles like love, hope, peace and goodwill amongst all rationally motivated people throughout mankind, has remained constant and consistent.

I think about my children and the world I’d like to leave behind for them. Call it legacy if you will. Although quite different from other written works I have produced before, Planet Z still deals with the universal principles of love lost, hope in dire circumstances and the importance of family. I guess that’s what it all comes down to, Family. Having a healthy family structure is fundamental to a healthy upbringing and lifestyle.

This is again where Generation Z differs from their predecessors, they’ve discovered that “Family” is the people you choose to love and spend time with. Sometimes they share your DNA, other times they don’t. In a world seemingly intent on isolating us from one another, it’s easy to forget that people need people.

PLANET Z is the expression of my sincere wish to provide you with that special something you need to push on and to remain true to yourself. That you become emboldened by the brave characters within, to live a life where sowing and reaping love become the cornerstones of all your relationships.



Carlos and Jill have just lost their mother in a tragic accident.

On the brink of insanity, it appears that their dad has discovered a way to bring his beloved wife back from the dead, but through unanticipated changes in events, they find themselves transported to a mysterious planet.

It is here that they have many random encounters with creatures no longer alive, and discover it to be a planet inhabited wholly by the dead―a midway point for those waiting to pass on to the next stage. It is here that the twins get separated and embroiled in a conspiracy that may end the world as we know it.

A desperate struggle ensues as they try to save their world, find their mother and find their way off Planet Z!

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